Bully or victim

I am frustrated to the point of tears. I understand and support the rights of Special Ed students in the classroom, but why do their rights come at the expense of others?

 I have watched a boy terrorize my school for months. He has hit, kicked and  choked students. He sent a girl to the emergency room by ambulance. He caused a student to lose his vision. He is verbally and physically abusive to staff and visitors. 

Nothing can be done is the answer we get from administration and school police. He is protected by IDEA. He knows this and loves it. He will tell you to your face “I can do anything I want and you can’t do anything about it.’ He has threatened to kill students and have staff fired.

He is the victim, he has rights, he has an illness, excuse after excuse is all I hear.

It is part of his condition, be more understanding, he doesn’t understand what he is doing. 

I call BULLSHIT!! 

What about the rights of the girl who went to the hospital, the boy who has limited vision, the countless students he abuses every day????? What about their rights to be safe at school? When did his rights become the only ones that matter.

How can a 10 yr old boy stomp on a 7 yr old girl and repeatedly kick her in the stomach, but  it’s his rights that the school district and police are worried about?

Where is the line drawn? When do excuses stop being made? When will regular education student’s rights matter?


5 thoughts on “Bully or victim”

  1. I don’t get why this happened. If he is causing harm to other students then it is not a safe environment. Why haven’t the parents reported that their kid was hurt in school by this boy?


      1. I totally agree, but because of his age and the fact that he is a special ed student the real police won’t get involved. The parents were told that he’s rights are covered by the IDEA act and he is protected because of his disability.

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      2. I never knew it was this complicated. I still think this is something that should get out there. I’ll read more into the IDEA act.


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